Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shameless Plug: The Phil Vischer Podcast

Howdy howdy, folks.  Welcome to the first edition of a recurring series that probably won't end up ever recurring again: "Shameless Plug."  In this one-shot recurring series, I link to other cool stuff online that's probably more entertaining than the blog you're currently reading.  Because after reading the nonsense I write here, I feel it's my duty to society to provide some legitimate entertainment to make up for it.  And today I'm shamelessly plugging:

I'm a longtime fan of Phil Vischer.  As the creator of VeggieTales, one of my favorite shows growing up, Phil has had a presence in my life for a great many years.  But after reading Phil's autobiography "Me, Myself, & Bob" I became much more interested in what Mr. Vischer was up to in the world today.  I strongly relate to Phil in his sharing of personal experiences, his opinions about the entertainment industry, and also his Christian beliefs and the way he applies them to his life.  His current DVD series, What's in the Bible?, is pretty much the best thing ever.

And now he has a podcast.  In every episode Phil Vischer and company discuss an unbelievable variety of subjects.  In just the couple of hours I've listened to so far, topics discussed include Disneyland, gender roles, robot uprisings, the negative connotations of being called a "baptist,"  Pixar movies, living in space, illegal tomatoes, the roles of fear in religions both Christian and otherwise, relationships, radioactive hawk poop, futurism, interpreting the concept of the "new Earth" from scripture, voice acting, and numerous other topics both funny and actually really deep and thought-provoking at times.

I'm impressed at how smoothly controversial issues are mixed with more jovial topics on this show.  The subjects vary from critiquing Disney films to discussing very challenging theological issues, but the tone generally remains relatively light and inviting.  Phil's typical wit and sense of humor are very much present and prominent, so even when discussing heavy topics the show remains fun and entertaining.  Even if you don't agree with all the views presented, you'll probably find it at least interesting to listen to.  And it's darn funny most of the time.  I've thoroughly enjoyed everything I've heard so far, and I intend to continue listening for the foreseeable future!  And you should too.  (Because I'm always right, remember?)

You can check out the Phil Vischer Podcast on iTunes.
Or, if you are so inclined, you can also find it on Phil's blog.

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