Thursday, September 26, 2013

50th Post Special: Frisch's Favorite Fussy Fictional Characters

Whoa, look at that!  New look for the Big Blog!  And that's not all!  This just happens to be my fiftieth post!  I've spent quite a while now fussing over what I should write about, given the occasion, and then it hit me!  I'll count down my Top 10 Favorite Fussy Fictional Characters!

If you've ever spent much time around me, you might have noticed that I'm a little bit fussy at times.  So is it any surprise that my favorite characters in movies and television are almost invariably the fussy ones?   Whether they're prone to temper tantrums, need to have everything just so, or are simply a bit on the overprotective side, here's the fussiest of the fussy.

10. Zazu

"Cheetahs never prosper..."
Mufasa's majordomo starts off the list with his delightful brand of stuffiness.  Perfectly voiced by Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson, Zazu doesn't play a particularly large role in The Lion King, but he makes the most of his screen time!

9. Rabbit

I think this picture speaks for itself...
Poor Rabbit.  All he want to do is tend to his garden and boss around everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood.  Too bad Tigger always has to bounce in to make bunny boy's life a little more...interesting!

8. Bert

With a roommate like Ernie, is it any wonder that Bert loses his temper from time to time?  He may be Bert's best friend, but I think anyone would get a little exasperated if they had to put up with Ernie's antics 24/7! 

7. Bernard

Poor Bernard...
Bernard is a bit of a different brand of fussy from what we've seen so far on this list.  He's not bossy or anything like that.  He just likes to be cautious about danger...and given his position in the Rescue Aid Society, he finds himself in danger a lot!  But, when push comes to shove, Bernard is always willing to step up the plate and be a hero!

6. Sam the Eagle

"I was anticipating your whim, sir."
Sam, the American eagle, is only out to promote wholesome cultural family entertainment.  It just so happens that he's constantly surrounded by weirdos...and he really has no idea what culture is anyway.

5. Cogsworth

"Enchanted?  Who said anything about the castle being enchanted?  It was YOU, wasn't it!?!"
I always imagine that Cogsworth and Zazu would get along pretty well.  They are very much alike!  Though he spends most of his time getting irritated with Lumiere, Cogsworth has been known to loosen up from time to time.  And when he does loosen up, he wields a mean pair of scissors, as LeFou was unfortunate enough to discover!

4. Bob the Tomato

"Do you know how hard it was to get a network to turn over an hour of airtime to a bunch of vegetables!?!"
Bob likes control.  He likes to make sure that everything goes as planned.  He's teaching valuable lessons to kids after all!  It's important work!  So even though he's prone to get a little flustered when he encounters things he can't control like, say, a "What Have We Learned" song that always interrupts him, you can't help but love him!

3. C-3PO

Able to be annoy in six million languages.
C-3PO is extremely good at being fussy.  It's probably what he does best.  Apparently that's what protocol droids do.  They complain, annoy everyone around them, and occasional make incredibly bad puns.  But, really, can you blame C-3PO?  It's not his fault!  He's a robot.  He was just programmed that way!

2. Sheldon

How do you pick only one Sheldon quote to put here?
Sheldon Cooper is the ultimate fussy character.  No one can out-fuss Sheldon.  If it weren't for the fact that the character has devolved into little more than a big baby in recent seasons, he'd probably top the list.  But as it were, that honor has to go to...

1. Marlin

"There's a mollusk, see, and he walks up to a sea cucumber..."
Similar to Bernard, Marlin's fussiness is derived from a good place.  He simply wants to be a good parent and protect his son!  He's overbearing, but when Nemo is taken away Marlin's dedication to finding his son is unshakable.  And no one can butcher a joke in a more entertaining way than Marlin!  Fussiness doesn't get any more lovable than Marlin!

Happy 50 posts, my loyal readers!  All two of you.  Here's to 50 more!

(And, yes.  Being a bit on the fussy side myself, it does bother me that the word "Character" in the title of this post does not start with the letter "F."  And yes, I also know that one of my previous 49 posts was just me apologizing for a late Dragons review.  Let's not get too fussy!)